Construction consultancy, consulting engineers and static calculations

We can offer our service to private single-family houses as well as businesses

  • Concrete construction
  • Construction site inspection
  • Property developer counselling
  • Building application in terms of official authorization
  • Energy framework
  • Foundation calculations and stability calculations
  • New construction
  • Demolition of bearing wall
  • Structural analyses
  • Extensions
  • Wooden constructions
  • Heat loss calculations

Building and Construction projects


We offer our help in all phases of your construction project. Are you building your dreamhouse or an extension to your domicile, we can help you make structural analyses, energy calculations, building permits for authorities, or inspection during construction.


Are you a constructor, architect, or contractor in need of a qualified partnership, we are here for you. Our skilled engineers can help you make structural analyses, stability calculations, and foundation calculations on your next project. We can also handle all dialogue with local authorities.

Steel and machine constructions

Steel constructions

If you have a balcony, stairway, or steel construction that must be EN 1092 certified, we can help you produce comprehensive documentation of the structural capacity cf. DS/EN 1990, DS/EN 1991 and DS/EN 1993. Our qualified engineers are always ready to help you. We strive to reduce material wall-thickness subject to fracture-limit conditions within design loads. That way, we ensure that we do not use more materials than necessary in favor of project budget.

Tanks, pipes, and other containers

Do you want to scale a pressure tank or pressure container, or do you want to recalculate an existing tank, then we are here for you. We can record your tank or pipe and calculate pressure/suction with the aim of reducing material wall-thickness.

  • Steel constructions
  • Machine constructions
  • EN 1090, EN/DS 1993
  • Stairways
  • Balconies
  • Platforms
  • Finite Element analyses
  • Dynamic analyses
  • Pressure tanks



Private projects

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Company projects

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JS Counseling Engineers ApS

Who is JS Engineering and what do we do

We are a consulting engineer company who help private consumers as well as businesses with structural analyses, inspection, energy calculation, and building permits. Also, we are specialists within steel construction and finite element analyses.

Services JS Consulting Engineers can help you with in regards of extension, conversion or a new construction of your dream project

  • Building permits in terms of official authorization
  • Structural analyses and stability calculations
  • Inspection during construction
  • Energy frame or heat loss calculation
  • Foundation calculations cf. geotechnical examinations Inspection and run-through of property concerning house purchase
  • Inspection/review of property in relation to Property purchase
JS Counseling Engineers ApS

Here you can see the construction of a new office building in Hjørring, where JS Consulting Engineers have been the building designers.

JS Counseling Engineers ApS

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