Building inspection

JS Engineering has solid experience when it comes to inspections of new construction projects.

Even though most construction companies have plenty of experience when it comes to building new private residents, it is often small craft businesses who handle work on site. As such, quality can differ.

Our building surveyor guarantees you a safe and secure construction process where we ensure that construction is done according to civil engineering standards. Our building inspection consists of several random checks of the most important constructions and architectural elements during construction. Because of our vast experience, these inspections are made when risks of error affecting the construction is at its highest. Our counselling stretches throughout the entire construction process, from signing the contract to work reception

After each inspection, our building surveyor makes an inspection-note that describes circumstances ascertained during inspection, which is supplemented with photos. Our building surveyor is happy to handle any dialogue with the contractor on site, and we also follow up on any points of attention on our next inspection. This way, we ensure that errors are corrected along the way.

Our building inspection usually comprehends:

  • Run-through of construction contract
  • Inspection of foundation, specifically concerning casting foundations and reinforcement
  • Terrain coverage inspection before floor-casting. This includes installation control
  • Inspection of back-up masonry and roof constructions
  • Masonry
  • Inspection of roof work, vapour barriers and plastering
  • Inspection of wet zones including securing wet room, fall control etc.
  • Technical run-through before takeover to minimize errors and shortcomings
  • Work reception