Energy frame and heat loss calculations

JS Engineering have the right competences for producing your heat loss calculations or energy frame calculations cf. BR18 or BR20.

When you engage in a new construction project, or when you are about to add an extension to an existing building, you are required to document that energy requirements are met in new construction parts. Authorities demand that heat loss in new construction parts in an extension is within the maximum permissible heat loss. This is described in building regulations. If you build a new construction, you must develop a new energy frame, which documents that energy consumption is within the permissible energy frame. . If the energy frame does not comply with listed demands in the building regulations, you may risk having to minimize window areas or use a different type of windows with lower u-values, for instance. You may also have to install solar cells on the roof, among other things.

JS Engineering can help you produce heat loss calculations on an extension or energy frames on new construction projects.