Steel and mechanical engineering

JS Engineering are experts in steel and mechanical engineering

When you want to build a new steel structure, JS Engineering is the right engineering company to turn to. Our specialists have vast experience in producing structural analyses or dynamic analyses on simple or complex steel structures. A steel structure often must be EN 1090 certified. This applies when a structure is to be attached to an existing construction, for instance an industrial building or water treatment plants. We can attain certification by producing a detailed documentation report that demonstrates how the structure complies with current Danish and European standards.

JS Engineering has qualified engineers with great experience when it comes to producing these kinds of calculations and documents. Our specialists can help you achieve a sustainable structure by optimizing the design to reduce material wall-thickness. A steel structure can also be exposed to dynamic impacts. For instance, an offshore wind turbine structure that requires detailed fatigue analysis to ensure lifespan in structure and junctions.

JS Engineering produces simple fatigue analyses based on S-N curves or advanced fatigue analyses from FEA-simulations.

JS Engineering can help you with:

  • Structural analyses on steel structures
  • FEA simulations in – place linear / non-linear analyses
  • Fatigue, Modal (Eigenfrequency) and Dynamic analyses
  • Thermic analyses
  • Buckling analyses
  • Junction calculations including welding and bolting calculations